Making a conscious choice.
All our clothing is designed & made in San Francisco, CA.
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Our in-house design team regularly researches trends by going out on the streets, competitive shopping at luxury department stores, keeping a pulse on the latest fashion trends, and scouring fashion blogs.
After putting together a mood board and brainstorming ideas through color and pattern variation, the design team generates a theme and explores the possible silhouettes while keeping the most important element in mind: the proper fit.
From stretch jersey knits purchased from LA vendors to fabric cards sourced from family-run mills, we carefully select quality fiber that ensures flattering fit, excellent drape, soft touch, elasticity, and durability. We also work closely with a custom print house to ensure the most vibrant, pleasing prints.
Each garment is designed in-house from initial sketch to draping to final design. We do at least three fittings per garment on a live, fit model. We have been using the same model for the past twelve years to make sure our fit is consistent.
Once we approve the in-house samples, we dispatch them to our factories in San Francisco for production.
All of our factory workers work in the vicinity of our headquarters and under fair labor conditions, stimulating the local economy. Our production manager visits the factories daily to oversee the process and iron out any wrinkles.
The garments are steamed and thoroughly examined for quality control before being officially added to our inventory. They are now ready to be a part of your life.
Wearing IGIGI
IGIGI fashion reflects the unique spirit of the IGIGI woman and is made with pride, care, and personal attention. Through the alchemy of wearing IGIGI, the IGIGI woman celebrates her curves and continues to exude femininity, sensuality, and elegance. Beauty. Authentic.